Success In MLM Starts With A Success Mindset…But How Does This Apply To YOUR Business?


If you’ve been in this industry for even just a short period of time, you’ve likely heard it said a million times that success in MLM starts with a success mindset. But what do we really mean by the phrase “success mindset“?
It may simply sound like esoteric babble, or at the very least there may be some confusion about how to actually apply this to your home business. So what I want to do in today’s post is see if I can demystify this concept a bit.
In fact, I’m going to prove to you that your success in MLM is a direct result of how you think! We’ll also look at how to go about developing a success mindset

Fact: Most People Do Not Have A Success Mindset.

By default people think thoughts of poverty, not success. In other words, they don’t empower themselves – they DIS-empower themselves.
I recently spent time with some friends I hadn’t seen for a while. As I listened to them talk, I couldn’t help but notice how often the phrase, “I would”, kept coming up.

For example, one of them said, “I would like to go visit my parents soon”, and another stated, “I would like to move to a bigger house”. One friend even said: “Here’s what I would do if I was making $100, 000 a year…”
Please understand that it’s not my intention to criticize my friends but simply to illustrate the fact that most people do not have a success mindset.
Because the way my friends talked that night is typical of how most people talk. And our words, naturally, are again a reflection of how we think.
So, then, how are people with a success mindset different? Well, these folks don’t wish…they plan! Which is why they think and talk in terms of “will” and “when” rather than “would” and “if”.

To Have Success In MLM You Must Get Uncomfortable.

It really is critical to grasp the importance of developing a success mindset in order to have success in MLM. Because, make no mistake about it, a success midset ALWAYS comes first. (I’ll show you why in a minute.)
And how exactly do you go about developing a success mindset? Two things:
1. Constantly expose yourself to positive, constructive ideas and concepts, and to forward-thinking people – people who are already experiencing success in MLM.

As much as possible, remove yourself from negativity, cynicism, gossip and energy-robbing activities. (This is why years ago I gave up TV completely – you may want to do the same.)
Just as the positive energy of progressive thinking people tends to rub off on you when you’re around them, so does the negative energy of the cynics.
2. Train yourself to consistently move outside your comfort zone and to be more and more bold in your choices.
It’s much like training yourself to get gradually stronger when lifting weights at the gym: Keep at it, and it gets easier each time.
But remember, taking risks is something you must be deliberate about as your natural inclination will always be to stick with that which is familiar and safe.

Developing a success mindset will make it easier to step outside your comfort zone, and vice versa.


In other words, 1 will help you do 2, and doing 2 will help you do more of 1: The more you expose yourself to and feed your mind with the right things, the easier it will be for you to “get uncomfortable”.
And the more you venture outside your comfort zone, and experience the thrill of overcoming your challenges, the more this will again help you develop a success mindset:
You realize that your fears were self-imposed. You discover that it wasn’t near as bad as you thought it would be.
Exciting things begin to happen in your life as a result of the fact that you’re doing something new…something different…something most people are not willing to do. And – get this – it makes you want to do more of the same!

Now, do you see why success in MLM starts with a success mindset?

Truth is, the thinking that’s gotten you to where you are right now in your life isn’t going to take you to where you want to be in the future. It’s only going to give you more of the same.

If you want to have something different in your life, if you want to achieve success in MLM, you have to be deliberate about changing on the inside first. You have to be willing to develop a success mindset.
Success in MLM will come as a product of the actual action steps you take day in and day out to move your business forward…
It’s a result of you mastering a particular marketing strategy, producing a steady consistent flow of leads that you then convert into profits, connecting with people, closing sales, leading your team, and so on.

This is how you experience real results in your business.

This is how you achieve success in MLM. BUT (a big but!) to do any of these things effectively you need to FIRST grow a success mindset…
It’s only by growing a success mindset that you’ll be willing and able to engage, consistently, in the particular activities that produce results in the end.
Only then are you going to do that which is uncomfortable, take risks, make the hard decisions, conquer your fears, and keep going in spite of all the obstacles you’re faced with. Only if you have a success mindset are you going to DO the things that in the end lead to success in MLM.
So…all that being said, only one question remains: Are YOU deliberately working on developing a success mindset?
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    Thank You!

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    I’m getting addicted to your always encouraging message. You’re a genius.
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