How To Effortlessly Attract MLM Prospects

In this quick video I talk about how to attract MLM prospects by being the person they’ll WANT to work with.
How do you attract MLM prospects – ever wondered about that? Chances are you have already encountered the term “Attraction Marketing” but maybe don’t quite understand what it means or how to use it properly to become profitable in your business…

Pre-Selling MLM Prospects With Attraction Marketing

In today’s post let’s look at how you can have your MLM prospects sell themselves on joining you. Let’s start out by breaking down the three core concepts of Attraction Marketing.
Now, these most certainly overlap, but in order to make this information easier to digest, I’m going to categorize it as follows —
Attraction Marketing Truth #1: They Have To Trust You First
One of the core concepts of Attraction Marketing has it that people only want to buy from those that they know, like and trust.

Now…think about it: when was the last time YOU willingly spent money with someone you disliked, distrusted and on top of that, didn’t know?
I bet you’re like the rest of us in that your reply to that question is a resounding “never”.
If you go to car dealer ship and the sales man just pitches you from the minute you walk in the door, oblivious to your needs and concerns, and all he’s doing is trying to get you to buy stuff so that he can make money, how great are the chances that you will end up buying a vehicle from that dealer?
You’re not going to like or trust this salesman very much, and for this reason you won’t buy from him…right? You are going to feel too pressured and you’ll wind up shopping for a car somewhere else where the sales people are less pushy.
Well, this is exactly the way it is with your MLM prospects, too.
Attraction Marketing Truth #2: People Relate To People
People relate to other people, not to product lines, companies or opportunities. You may have heard this before. But what does this mean to you, in practical terms?
It means you need to be personal in your approach. It means that you have to put a face on your business. You can’t lead with a product pitch, your company logo or company sales statistics. Your MLM prospects don’t care!
They want to get to know you, the person behind the business – the person that can HELP them. (Because remember, in reality it’s about THEM, not you!)

If your Facebook page is about your MLM opportunity, you’re missing the mark. If you’re sending out tweets about how terrific your MLM products are and inviting your online friends (or offline for that matter) to try out your product samples, you’re also missing the mark.
If, any time you advertise, you are leading with your products or your opportunity, in other words, you are using a company replicated lead capture page identical to the one used by a gazillion other distributors out there, chances are very slim you will succeed.
Rather, you need to find a way to separate yourself from the masses and put a bit of your own personality into your marketing. And, very importantly, you need to be the Leader your MLM prospects are looking for…the person that can show them the way to the financial promised land.
Attraction Marketing Truth #3: You Must Earn The Right To Sell
By using Attraction Marketing, you EARN the right to sell to MLM prospects. People are allergic to sales pitches, haven’t you noticed? Again, consider the scenario at the car dealership…
And then think about how you feel when someone approaches you “cold” (someone you don’t know, like or trust yet) and “invites” you to check out their MLM opportunity. It’s a total turn off, isn’t it?
The reason it’s a turnoff is because we as human beings hate being sold to. We want to feel like making the purchase is OUR idea. That we are making the choice ourselves to buy.
Remember also that you don’t have much (if any) credibility with your MLM prospects yet. Why would they want to join you?
Instead, you need to lead with value and solutions, so that you earn the right to sell to your prospects. Or, to put it more accurately, you’re allowing your MLM prospects to sell themselves on your offer.

Attracting MLM Prospects: The Bottom Line

So, then, here’s the bottom line… When you effectively use Attraction Marketing, it means that you are successfully building relationships and looking out for your MLM prospects’ needs more than for your own (Attraction Marketing Truth #1).

You are being personal in your approach, putting your company in the background and yourself in the foreground (Attraction Marketing Truth #2).
What’s more, you are being relatable, helpful, authoritative, strong, giving, inspiring, and so on. Simply put, you are being a Leader. Which ultimately is what every one of your MLM prospects are looking for.
And, last but not least, you are giving value. (Attraction Marketing Truth #3) You are giving away free tools and training that can help your prospects – with no pressure to buy. This is what your Facebook page is for, your YouTube channel, your blog, and so on.
Those social media sites should NOT be used to promote your MLM but for the purpose of giving away tips and training. Of course you have something to sell on the back end, but you always lead with free training.
And guess what happens when you do this? When you are building relationships, wearing your leader hat, and pouring out value? Guess what happens when you STOP promoting your MLM opportunity? (Yes, I said “stop”!)
Well, what happens is that your MLM prospects come to know you, like you and trust you because of the leadership and value you are offering! And, as a result, they end up WANTING to join you! Because – once again – everyone wants to work with those that they know, like and trust. Got it?
Attraction Marketing really is that simple. Stop acting needy. Focus on giving value. And allow your MLM prospects come to YOU! It’s a lot more fun, and a heck of a lot more lucrative, too.
PS: These are the very strategies that took me from struggling distributor to top industry earner. I know they can do the same for you! :) If you enjoyed this post, please comment and share below.
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