Work With Me (My Story)



Once Upon A Time In A Land Far Away…

I’m originally from the beautiful but chilly country of Norway, from a small city called Tromsø above the Arctic Circle. As a child, I always dreamed of moving to the US.

Even back then I had this very strong sense of purpose…it’s hard to explain. I wanted to in some way, shape or form make a difference with my life.
While the other children were out playing, I would sit in my room and daydream about everything I was going to accomplish.
I wanted to travel the world, perform, speak, act in and produce feature films, write books, lead a movement, feed the starving children of the world – and the list went on.
(As you can see from this picture, even as a little girl I had a lot of gumption. ;)
I suppose you could say my dreams were too big for my home town. And as an 11-year old I decided I was going to move to America as soon as I was old enough. I wanted to move to the US, and more specifically Los Angeles, because it was the Land of Opportunity.
At that time I was already an aspiring actress. I had acted on stage in numerous plays and in a TV show.

But there was more to my American dream than merely acting. You see, as a teenager I was constantly ostracized and ridiculed by my peers and I never felt like I fit in anywhere.
But I knew that in the US you had freedom. Freedom to be who you wanted to be. Freedom to express yourself.
In 1995 I applied for college in California and was accepted. I booked a one-way-ticket, packed my bags and headed west…and I never looked back.
I’ll never, for as long as I live forget the moment I stepped off the plane at LAX, the Los Angeles airport. I actually squatted down and touched the ground with my hand! I remember thinking —

“If This Is A Dream, Don’t Wake Me Up.”

I was on American soil! It was real…I was finally here, where I belonged! I had come HOME.

How can someone long so much for a place they’ve never been to before? How could I possibly feel so strongly about a country and a city where I didn’t know a single soul – where I had no relatives, no acquaintances, and no friends yet?
I have no idea… The only way I can explain it is that this is where I was meant to be. And I fell in love with the US, California, and the American people from the very first moment.
I attended college for four years and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater. While in school, I also worked odd jobs in the film industry.
I was hired as what’s known as a “background actor” and worked on scores of films and TV shows.
Some of the gigs were actually featured bits, scenes where I was alone with the star – like with Jennifer Love Hewitt in “Ghost Whisperer” and Kiefer Sutherland on the Emmy award winning hit TV series “24” – and where I carried out specific instructions from the director.
Another memorable experience was working as a stand-in/photo double for Toni Collette on the critically acclaimed Oscar winning feature film “Little Miss Sunshine”.

But speaking roles were few and far between. And in Hollywood those are the only roles that matter. If you don’t have lines, you basically don’t exist.
Still, I loved life on the set. You never knew what the next day would bring, where you’d be sent to work, who you’d meet or what you’d be cast as. Every day was an adventure.
I played police officers, nurses, waitresses, flight attendants, secret agents, soldiers, beach babes, nuns, and a corpse, to mention just a few things.
I worked at all the major studios (Warner Brothers, Sony, Universal, Paramount, 20th Century Fox) and on location all over L.A. – in the mountains, the woods, the desert, on the beach, even in a cave inhabited by bats!
But then something happened —

I Stumbled Into The World Of Network Marketing…


Long story short: Intrigued by a radio ad that introduced me to the idea of life-long residual income, I got started with my first home business.
I only had to find three serious people, my sponsor said…and then they only had to find three, and those three people again only had to find three. Only three people. I figured that couldn’t be too hard.
But it was. In fact it was excruciatingly hard. Here’s how it went down: I spent my hard-earned money on the startup package and ordered a box of the magic juice. (Because, as my sponsor pointed out, “We all need to become a product of the product.”)

I purchased the brochures and the business cards. I made my list and checked it twice.
I posted pull tabs in laundromats and fliers on car windows. I held home meetings and did product presentations…bought leads, dialed leads, got hung up on by leads… I took massive action for 50 hours a week for several months but got zero results.
So I figured there was something wrong with the opportunity somehow and joined another one. But even though this new company was known all over the world and was celebrity endorsed and all that, the scenario that followed was so similar to what I experienced in MLM #1, it was a complete déjà vu.
12 months later I found myself deep in debt after having invested every dollar I owned into the two businesses (and a lot of dollars I didn’t own, too).
The tiny commission checks I received from the company were drops in the bucket compared to what it cost to advertise. And yet I continued to believe I was going to make it. I did everything we were supposed to do, I did everything “right” – how could I NOT get results?
I lived in denial until one day, a year later, somehow, some way, I woke up and realized what I had gotten myself into. I had been chasing the dream, trusting that “the numbers will work themselves out”…and in the process I’d gone broke.

I Had To Quit. The Insanity Had To Stop.

Walking away from MLM #2 was difficult, straight out painful. Because I had so much time and money invested in the business.

Plus, my uplines and sidelines made me feel very guilty about leaving – as if I’d been brainwashed to believe there was something wrong with the strategies the company was teaching. But I did it… Eventually I quit.
I quit because I had discovered something… Something that my then-upline was not open to hear about but which I now knew in my gut was the exact thing that my business needed. Two things really…

There were two things that together would turn my business around and change my life forever.
1. Attraction Marketing. 2. The Internet.
I learned to lead with value rather than with a pitch, so that I earned the right to sell to my prospects (Attraction Marketing), and I learned to use the leverage of the Internet to reach sales ready prospects all over the world.

The result? Within one year I had become the #1 female leader with the new network marketing company I joined and one the top 3 income earners overall (men and women).
I went on to win half a dozen sales and marketing awards, built a team in 20+ countries across the world, and before long I was earning up to $50K+ a month from the various income streams I built into the business.

Fast forward a couple of years: Today I’m with My Lead System Pro (MLSP). MLSP is an educational company for network marketers across the industry.
Regardless of what your primary opportunity happens to be, MLSP gives you the resources, training and system you need to build a massively successful home business using 1. Attraction Marketing and 2. The Internet.
MLSP has created dozens and dozens of success stories since it was launched back in 2008.
In fact I was in the very first batch of members, and implementing the marketing strategies I learned from MLSP have played a MAJOR role in my success in this industry.

Here Are Just Some Of My Results Over The Past Couple Of Years:


It’s funny how it happens… I always thought acting was my calling. But it turned out to be only part of my calling. God had something bigger and better for me. Something where I could impact more people. I’ve always have had this passion – it just took a little while for all the pieces of the puzzle to come together.
I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be now. I have a passion for teaching, training and speaking, and I love to inspire others to be all that they were meant to be.
Today I’m part of the leadership with MLSP and I regularly do marketing webinars for the entire community and speak at live events. I really can’t recommend MLSP enough to you – opt in below to see for yourself.


And Now…MLSP Mastery Is Here!

MLSP Mastery is the “super affiliate” division of MLSP. Let me give it to you in a nutshell:
You Keep 100% of the Entire Sale
Legally “hi-jack” products (including mine) created by the top earners in the home business arena, (6, multi-6, and even 7-Figure Earners) and sell them as if they were your own products…and keep 100% of the ENTIRE SALE.
You Keep 100% of the “One-Time-Offer” (OTO) Funnel
This is a HUGE piece of the puzzle if you want to become financially free with YOUR home business and ALL top earners do this. Here, you can Keep 100% of the PURE PROFIT PRODUCTS in your “OTO” funnels! (and we provide ALL the products!)
You Make $100 Per Member Per Month
If you decide to become an affiliate, for each person you refer to the MLSP Mastery Program, you make $100 PER MEMBER PER MONTH! This is recurring residual income month after month for your business.

You Get MLSP Custom Sales Funnels
A variety of pre-made websites, lead capture pages and sales funnels that are completely customizable: No HTML knowledge required. With these “blank canvas HTML pages” you can essentially create a sales funnel from scratch to market anything you want.
You Get MLSP Facebook Fan Page Templates
Choose from a variety of pre-made customizable templates to easily create a professional looking, high-quality Facebook fan page with a few simple clicks.
You Get MLSP Marketing Campaigns
Ready to go, out of the box funnels made to market the powerful MLSP educational platform to prospects and contacts who would be interested in getting more leads and making more money with their home businesses.
You Get MLSP System Campaigns
Ready to go funnels designed so that you can instantly become valuable in the marketplace starting today.

Give away invaluable marketing tutorials to your prospects, build your list, sign up new reps, and make money in the process.
These are 100x more powerful that your company’s prospecting tools because this is training on the strategies and solutions your prospects actually need and want.
You also get access to Members System Mastery Webinars, weekly lead generation webinars taught by our six- and seven-figure earners, live chat support, Skype support chat, pre-made auto responder messages that you can use for your leads, MLSP private Facebook group, custom built webinar invite links for you to use, and you have the ability to host your own videos and share your own custom training page with your own team inside your MLSP membership site…
And there’s so much more. Not to forget —

Free One-On-One Private Coaching Session With Me For New Mastery Members (Up To $498 value)! Extremely Limited Availability!

As an MLSP Mastery member in my team you will get an initial 30-minutes complimentary coaching session with me over the phone, tailor made to your business, in order to help you get results ASAP.

In fact, if you are able to get in this week, I’ll throw in an additional coaching session for you – we’ll have a follow up appointment 90 days after your initial session.
I don’t think I need to point out how much this is going to help you in your business!

Special Extra Bonus For You When You Get Your Annual MLSP Mastery Membership!

When you go with the annual package rather than the monthly – which, by the way, will give you 12 months for the price of 10, AND lifetime access to the MLSP training library and FOUR free private coaching sessions with me – then I will ALSO include all my personal training products for you.
Those products are:
“Her Success Blueprint®” ($97 value)

“The 1% Formula” ($29 value)
“Turbo Charge Your Sponsoring” ($29 value)
“Lena’s Prospecting Cheat Sheet” ($19 value)
Remember that MLSP Mastery also gives you the funnels, system, training, tools and cash flow you need to become successful in your MLM!
And if you don’t have a primary company? Well, you really don’t need one…not anymore! Not with the kind of income you have the potential to earn with the ‘super affiliate income opportunity’ MLSP Mastery is.

In 2013 I Was Interviewed On National Television

Yes, indeed, I’ve ended up back on TV, so in a way you could say I’ve come full circle. Only this time it was in a bit of a different role. This time it was not to so much to entertain as it was to educate and motivate. And this time I did have a speaking role! ;)

In 2013 I was featured on a brand new ABC Television show “The Ripple Effect”, a weekly inspirational program that focuses on topics like personal growth, health, wellness and entrepreneurship.
I was interviewed by award winning TV reporter and former news anchor Kristen White (photo with me, right) on the topic of how to build a successful home business on the Internet. You can watch a segment from the interview on video at the top of this page.

And This Year…New Look, New Branding, New Pursuits! (The Adventure Continues)

What is so amazing when you acquire the skills that make YOU valuable in the market place is that you can continue to follow your passion in new directions.

Currently I’m pursuing a speaking career, more specifically as a Christian motivational speaker. This is something that’s near and dear to my heart, and I’m excited to see where God is going to take me. I love to be up on stage and inspire people – especially when I also get a chance to talk about the things of God.
I’m still very much active with MLSP as part of its leadership, and I continue to coach and train my MLSP team, but alongside my marketing I’m also building an exciting new career as a professional speaker.
Whatever your dreams are – as you learn to market and brand yourself, and you become sought after in the market place – you can make those dreams come true! The possibilities are practically limitless. I myself am living proof of that…

Got Questions? Want To Talk To Me Personally?

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